Delegation from FPT University, outreach NCNU for substantial cooperation

May 12th, 2020, Delegation Ms. Nguyen Ha Thanh (the Chief of the International Cooperation Office) from FPT University ( one of our partner universities of 23 universities in Vietnam) visited NCNU OIA for benign discussion. Representatives from NCNU side are Dean of OICSA, Prof. Milan Tung-Wen Sun, Prof. Lieu-Hen Chen (Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering and Chief of Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs), Executive Manager Julianne Lin, Officer Gili Chen and Ms. Phan Ngọc Minh (Ph.D. student of Department of Public Policy and Administration).

In this meeting, both sides discussed the short courses/studying programs for FPT students, the internship opportunities for the students major in ICT, Hospitality and Tourism and the exchange student program. We do hope to have more communication and cooperation that can benefit from both sides students after the COVID-19 pandemic.

*FPT University is a private university in Vietnam and a member of FPT Group that possesses campuses in Hanoi (main), Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. It was founded in 2006 and provides high-quality human resources in IT, Economy, Art, and other fields for domestic enterprises as well as international corporations.


Chief . Nguyen Ha Thanh discuss with Dean of OICSA- Prof. Milan Tung-Wen Sun

Prof. Milan Tung-Wen Sun gifted the souvenir to Chief Nguyen Ha Thanh