Welcome to be a freshman of Jiu University, warm greetings from the international director

            First letter from the International Director        

  Invite freshmen and parents to join in the grand event and participate online together!

            Online live broadcast of the teacher seminar        Parent-teacher seminar manual

   Limited time! New students only! Just for2022Prerequisite online courses for freshmen

              O PLUS prerequisite online course        National pre-university courses and certification information platform / Platform course description

   JJU provides priority accommodation guarantee for overseas students, please seize the time to register online

           Dormitory application              Dormitory environment                Dormitory Q&A

          Peace of mind study plan      Notes for registration and payment

 Master the calendar, master the school's major and minor matters


   The lesson selection skills are decrypted, the senior sisters don’t hide all the secret skills of the lesson selection.


          Senior sister's course selection skills: Log in to the educational administration system   Senior sister's course selection skills ll: general courses   Senior sister's course selection skills lll: the second stage of course selection

   Comply with quarantine regulations, protect yourself and others

          COVID-19latest news  

 Here are the big things new students want to know

          Freshman e-pack            Freshman Handbook for Overseas Chinese          111學年新生須知