A list of documents to be prepared by the students who have received subsidies from the Ministry of Education or the school to study abroad when they return to the country for verification and cancellation

Please arrange the information in order when submitting (Click here to download the file list form)

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Information to be paid



Travel Expense Report Form

Please refer to the attached example to fill in



The original work schedule of travel personnel



Receipt of collection and forwarding for travel industry

Head up: National Jinan International University

Overall editor: 01014220(Please paste the receipt on blank A4 paper)



Round-trip boarding pass, e-ticket

Please stick your boarding pass on A4 paper



Airline proof of flight



Application form for flying with a foreign airline




Photocopy of entry and exit stamps and visa page


A copy of the loan application form



Photocopy of official documents approved for funding subsidy


The day before going abroadOfU.S. dollar spot saleCopy of historical exchange rates

若前一日為假日,則參考前一週之營業日匯率。參考Bank of Taiwan website


Tuition receipt

Verify the reimbursement, if you want to write off, you must attach it (up to US$30,000)