1. Acceptance time: from now until 111/3/3 (Thursday) deadline (subject to the application materials sent to the International Office)

2. Accepting unit: the department where you are studying

3. Application qualifications:

(1) Students who have registered at this school for at least one semester, and must still be students before the write-off of funds, excluding domestic and overseas full-time students, must still register and pay at the school during the period of study abroad (including double coupons) Bachelor of Science).

(2) Those who have not obtained a scholarship to go abroad provided by the government or any institution inside or outside the school.

(3) The same applicant, at the same stage of education, has not received the Ministry of Education's new south to learn to build dreams, learn to build dreams, learn to fly, and learn to cherish pearls.

(4) Applicants who apply to learn from the sea and cherish pearls should submit the qualification certificates for low-income households, low-middle-income households, or low-middle-income households recognized by the municipal, county (city) competent authority.

(5) The departure time for study abroad is from June 111 to October 112 (for those who go abroad in the first and second semesters of the 111 school year), and the study time is at least one semester and at most one academic year.

4. Application form:

(1) Jinan International University selects and sends students to study abroad selection application form [including personal training plan of about 1,000 to 1,500 words (including personal autobiography, goals and plans for overseas training, expected overseas training courses and current studies) Relevance, future prospects), Chinese and English autobiography, historical transcripts, language proficiency certification, recommendation letters, other favorable review materials, admission letters and other materials],

(2) Self-evaluation form of points for students studying abroad

(3) Learn from the Sea and Cherish the Pearl-Basic Information Sheet for Students

(4) Learn from the Sea and Cherish the Pearl-Application Report

(5) The certificate of low-income households or low-to-middle income subsidies issued by the local administrative authority.

(6) A photocopy of the new account book within three months before the application date

5. Review process: preliminary review by department → priority ranking of recommendations by each institution → interview at the International Office → review at the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Conference.

6. Results of the review: Those who pass the review at the meeting will be consolidated and sent to the Ministry of Education to submit an application for the "Learning Sea and Cherishing Pearl" project.

—Please attach the following required documents when applying —

111 National Jinan International University Selection Guide

Application Form 1. Application form for selection of students selected by National Jinan International University to study abroad

Application Form 2. Self-evaluation of points for study abroad by students

Application Form 3. Learn from the Sea and Cherish the Pearl-Basic Information of Students

Application Form 4. Application for Studying the Sea and Cherishing the Pearl Project-Application Report

Relevant form, please print on both sides of saving energy, saving carbon and loving the earth