Students go to international schools for exchange/FAQ (2021.11)

This office sorts out the questions frequently asked by students as follows. Before applying for study and exchange abroad, please do your homework and check information in advance. This is the basic skill for overseas exchange. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact the International Affairs Team.

Application question

1. When will you start to prepare to exchange related matters abroad:

  • The International Office recommends "pre-preparation" one school year in advance, including:
    1. Participate in the overseas training sharing session organized by the International Office every semester
    2. Find a sister school that is suitable/want to go, and check related information
    3. Reach the threshold of the sister school you want to apply for, including language test and academic performance, etc.
    4. Participate in the "International Lounge" event held by the Office of International Affairs to increase exchange points

2. Application time for exchange/exchange plan (if applyingXuehaifeiyangAll applications must be made before March):

  • Spring schedule: Approximately from February to June each year/ Autumn schedule:Approximately August to November each year 
  • The start time of the semester is also different due to the different educational system of each country. The application period is based on the time announced by the International Office at the beginning of each semester.
  • Application time: must be in advanceone semesterApply. (For example, if you want to apply for the 2020 spring class, you must apply in the fall of 2019, which is the 1st semester of the 108th year.), and please complete the online application form before the application deadline and send the paper documents to the department office , Sorting of hospitals and offices,Delivery to the International Office within the deadline shall prevail.

3. Eligibility for application:

  • Must be registered with this schoolLearningstudent, And at least one semester of study in this school. (Meet the thresholds of each school's department, academic performance, and foreign language test scores. The detailed application requirements are subject to the rules of each school or the content of the contract.)

4. You can apply to several schools at a time: It is limited to 1, if you are not recommended for some reason, you will reapply according to the application period of other schools.

5. Application method:

  • On-campus selection: Please send the following documents to the International Office before the deadline for on-campus selection announced in each semester.
  1. On-campus selection and application form for short-term study in foreign universities
  2. Self-assessment form for students studying abroad
  3. Chinese transcripts over the years
  4. Language verification certificate
  5. Teacher recommendation letter
  • Online synchronous form filling:Each semester announcement will be attached with an online form. Applicants are requested to fill in simultaneously to facilitate the processing of various documents.
  • Preliminary interview: Applicants from the same school will be evaluated together and participate in the interview of the International Department. After passing the internal selection, the International Office will notify the approved students by email and recommend the approved list to the applying school.
  • Through the students, fill out the sister school's application form and submit it to the International Office together with the required documents within the deadline.
  • After the recommendation of the Office of International Affairs,Applicants willresponsibleandExchange school international affairs staff contactMatters related to application/submission of documents/visa application, etc..

6. Exchange/Exchange School Selection:Please refer to the announcement of the International Office every semesterForm.

7. The problem of the service man:Please fill in the "Application for going abroad due to assignment or recommendation for a man in this school" (please download it from the website of the Life Counseling Section of the Student Affairs Office), and it should be delivered to the Life Counseling Section of the Student Affairs Office 30 days before leaving the country. Please refer to the detailed regulations The website of the Office of Student Affairs.

Cost issue

1. Exchange/communication tuition issues:

  • It is determined by the content and specifications of the memorandum (agreement) signed by both parties; if the tuition and miscellaneous fees of both schools are reciprocal, there is no need to pay the tuition of the applying school, but according to the regulations, the tuition of the school must be paid to complete the registration process.

2. Refundable items in the school's tuition and miscellaneous fees:

  • Sports facility usage fees can be refunded. You need to pay first, then apply for a refund to the sports team with the payment certificate and admission notice.

3. Expenses to be borne by the exchange/exchange school:

  • Board and lodging expenses (accommodation fees are based on the fees charged by each school), travel expenses, book fees, transportation expenses, document fees, visa fees, insurance fees, health check-up fees and other personal expenses, etc.

Subsidy issue

1. When can the subsidy application be filed:

  • In January of each year, the International Office will announce the application time and required documents. Please prepare them and submit them to the department. The department will consolidate and send them to the International Office.

2. When can I know whether to receive the subsidy:

  • Mid to late June each year

3. In which semester the subsidy can be used:

  • The subsidy semester is for the fall class of the current year or the spring and fall classes of the following year (departure before October 31 of the following year at the latest).
    (EX. The subsidy applied in March 2021 is applicable to the fall class of 2021 or the spring and autumn classes of 2022.)

4. If I get a subsidy, is there anything I need to cooperate with the school?

  • Regardless of whether the subsidy is granted or not, you must pay for the training experience and attend the sharing meeting in accordance with the time of the International Office.
  • In addition to paying the experience and attending the sharing session, the recipients also need to complete it after returning homeVerification procedures (because the verification documents involve personal assets and many issues, it is recommended that students run the text in person) .

5. What should I do if I get a subsidy but I have not applied to the school:

  • The International Office will give priority to nominating students who are subsidized, and this usually does not happen.

6.What is the subsidy standard:

  • Based on the key points of the school’s selection of outstanding students to go abroad, in order to ensure that the status of the exchange students selected and sent to the sister school is suitable for exchange on behalf of the school, it will also take into account their academic performance, language, interview status, and department recommendation and other factors to conduct a comprehensive evaluation. , If you want to get the scholarship subsidy, you need to have a certain standard of academic performance to ensure the student's learning attitude and learning quality.

Course selection question

1.Can credits be deducted:

  • Course credits should be deducted in accordance with the school’s student credit deduction method. After the end of the exchange/exchange plan, an application for credit credits will be submitted to each department in the next semester, and will be reviewed by the course committee of each department.

2. Is there a rule to take several courses:

  • At least 2 courses or 6 credits are required to take courses in the professional field of the department.

Sister school problem

1. Will the number of sister schools that can apply for exchanges increase or decrease next year:

  • In recent years, sister schools will consider the development of local and global epidemics,The exchange plan has been postponed due to border policies, so the situation in the next year cannot be determined. If relevant information is available, it will be updated in the sister school exchange list/intra-school exchange deadline.

2. If the sister school that applied for cancels the exchange plan due to the epidemic, what should I do:

  • You can apply for a postponement of the exchange abroad, you must submit a declaration of postponement of the exchange to the International Office, and get the stamp of the department.

3. What should I do if I contacted the sister school but there is no response from the other party:

  • If the student has contacted the sister school organizer on his own and has not received the reply immediately, please wait patiently for a few days and consider the time difference between sending and receiving letters. At the same time, please pay attention to basic courtesy. Do not urge sister schools to reply repeatedly in a short period of time and respect the administrative work schedule of sister schools in various countries. If you have any doubts, please inform the International Office for assistance in contacting.