Application question

1. Application time for exchange/communication plan:
    ♦ Spring Class: Approximately April to May/Autumn Class: Approximately October to November each year (The application period is subject to the publication time of the rules of each exchange school. However, the Education University of Hong Kong only opens spring classes each year due to the academic system. Application, approximately every April)
2. Eligibility for application:
    ♦ Students must be registered in this school and have studied in this school for at least one year (detailed application requirements, subject to the provisions of this content).
3. Is it necessary to attach a foreign language proficiency certificate:
    ♦ Except for special regulations, schools in mainland China are not required to attach a certificate of foreign language proficiency; however, the Education University of Hong Kong must produce a certificate of English proficiency.
4. How to apply:
    ♦ Please send the application form (the application form specified in the school's brochure) together with the "Application Form for Exchange of Students from Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China" (available to download the form) to the International Office before the school application deadline announced every year.
5. The problem of the servant man:
    ♦ Please fill in the "Application Form for Going Abroad for Assignment or Recommendation of a Duty Man in Our School" (please download it from the website of the Life Counseling Section of the Student Affairs Office), and it should be delivered to the Life Counseling Section of the Student Affairs Office 30 days before going abroad. Please refer to the detailed regulations See the website of the Office of Student Affairs.
6. Exchange/Exchange School Selection:
    ♦Sister schools that have signed an exchange/exchange student agreement with our school. Currently available schools are Hong Kong Education University, Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou Jinan University, Tianjin Nankai University, North China Electric Power University, Zhejiang Normal University, Shandong University (Weihai), University of Science and Technology Beijing, Southeast University, Donghua University, etc. List of signing schools You can check on the website of the International Affairs Office.
7. How many schools can be applied to each time:
    ♦1 institute.

Cost issue

1. Exchange/exchange tuition issues:
    ♦According to the content and specifications of the memorandum (agreement) signed by both parties; if the tuition and miscellaneous fees of both schools are reciprocal, there is no need to pay the tuition of the applying school, but according to the regulations, the school tuition is required to complete the registration process.
2. Refundable items in the school's tuition and miscellaneous fees:
    ♦Only the usage fee of sports facilities can be refunded. You need to pay first, then apply for a refund to the sports team with the payment certificate and admission notice.
3. Expenses to be borne by the exchange/exchange school:
    ♦ Board and lodging expenses (accommodation fees are based on the fees charged by each school), travel expenses, book expenses, transportation expenses, document fees, visa fees, insurance fees, health inspection fees and other personal expenses, etc.

Course selection question

1. Selected by the Exchange/Communication Department:
    ♦For the open departments of exchange/communication schools, please refer to the school brochures or announcements on the school network. In addition, the department applying for exchange must be related to the department studying in this school (if there is a double major or minor department, it can also be submitted), but the exchange/exchange school reserves the right to finalize the decision.
2. Can the credits for studying in the mainland be deducted?
    ♦Course credit deduction, please follow the credit deduction method for students of our school. After the end of the exchange/exchange plan, an application for credit credits will be submitted to each department in the next semester, and will be reviewed by the course committee of each department.
3. Can graduate students apply for exchange to the bachelor's program:
    ♦Graduate students can only apply for graduate studies, but with the permission of the exchange/exchange school, they can choose to take university courses.