National Jinan International University

【Subsidies for full-time teachers(含專案教師)及研究生出席國際會議】

Standard operating procedure

  1. Purpose: In order to encourage our full-time teachers (including project teachers) and graduate students to publish papers in important international academic conferences, so as to enhance our academic research energy and international academic status.
  2. in accordance with: National Jinan International University subsidizes full-time teachers (including project teachers) and graduate students to attend international academic conferences.
  3. Scope of application: Full-time teachers, special-purpose teachers and graduate students in the Ph.D. and master's classes of this school (excluding in-service special classes)
  4. Work flow description:
    1. The Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs issues an application notice in March, September and November each year to remind full-time teachers and graduate students of all teaching units of the school to apply.
    2. Applicants should prepare relevant materials (application form, invitation letter or paper acceptance letter from the organizer of the international academic conference, abstract of the paper, international conference schedule and other conference-related materials, and documents proving that they have not received subsidies from the Ministry of Science and Technology or external units). The supervisor and dean of the department shall send the application to the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office one month before the conference after the approval of the department head and dean.
    3. The International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office will accept the application after confirming that the required documents are correct.
    4. Based on the principle of on-demand review, after receiving the supporting documents of the results of the subsidy application from the Ministry of Science and Technology or other off-campus units, the applicant’s review results will be responded to immediately.
    5. For approved subsidies, if there is any change or cancellation of the itinerary, it shall be implemented according to administrative procedures after approval.
    6. The recipient of the subsidy shall complete the payment of the report on going abroad (including the briefing, the full text of the paper or the poster) and apply for the expense report within two months from the date of returning to the country at the latest.
      For those who return to China after November each year, if it is indeed impossible to complete the report of going abroad and report the expenses within the time limit mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the International Office shall collect and approve the report and complete it before January 31 of the following year.
    7. The case is closed.
  5. Operation flow chart:國際處首頁 > 國際移動 > 補助師生出席國際會議 > 申請流程
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