The origin of the establishment of the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office

      Under the trend of internationalization, the operation of higher education has faced major challenges. The increasing emphasis on international competitiveness and global mobility also shows that future students should have an international outlook in terms of academic, technical, professional, and integration with the labor market. Survive under the trend of thought. Therefore, broadening the international vision of teachers and students and promoting international exchange activities to enhance students' international competitiveness has become an inevitable important topic of higher education. In the face of the current fierce competition in international higher education, and the government's policy of doubling international students, it has successively revealed how the Asia-Pacific Education Center and the opening of terrestrial students to Taiwan can improve the school's response to the drastic changes in the international higher education environment and the government's guidance of higher education policies. Possessing high-quality competitiveness is actually a top priority.

Before the 99 academic year, the Department of International Academic Exchange was handled by the Academic Development Group of the Research and Development Office. If new services were not added in response to the trend of internationalization, it is bound to face challenges. In view of the increasingly vigorous international exchange activities of various units in the school, the increasingly frequent international exchanges, and the more diversified forms of communication, to further enhance the degree of internationalization of the school and attract outstanding foreign students to study in the school should be an important task for the campus to become a world-class university. In addition, the current major domestic colleges and universities are actively integrating resources, setting up special units for international affairs, enhancing their international competitiveness, and attracting foreign students to study in the school. Therefore, in order to integrate the resources of the school, it can handle international exchange affairs more professionally. Passed by the second school affairs meeting, amended the school’s organizational rules, established an "International Affairs Office" to comprehensively manage the international affairs of the school, and assist all units in the school to handle international activities and provide comprehensive services for international students, thereby deepening the overall campus The degree of internationalization enhances the school’s international competitiveness and popularity.