Delegation from OLOPS, Philippines visited NCNU




Office of International & Cross-Strait Affairs






November 7th, 2019, representatives from OLOPS, Philippines visited in NCNU for bilateral academic cooperation discussion and course lecture. Hosted by Vice President Milan Tung-wen Sun, Dean of College of Education Zhou-song Yang and Executive manager Julianne Lin from OIA office.

OIA arranged various activities to explore the splendid environment of NCNU as well as the academic course offered by Prof. Zaphorah Wu. In the beginning, student ambassadors introduced the Library and Resources building and showed the campus bird-eye view from the highest point. In order to record this unforgettable memory, OIA also invited the president of OLOPS having a signature on the board of our permanent exhibition that's related to Southeast Asia, which symbolized the beginning of the cooperation. After that, professor Wu from TLHM held the discussion section with the students, delivering the speech subject related to travel arouse much attention and discussions for the Philippines guests that also impressed the group and gave them a wonderful time.

The third part will be the official cooperative program led by Vice President Milan Sun. During the meeting, the delegations from both NCNU and OLOPS sides discussed the details of academic cooperation and future plans about sending exchange students and short-term programs mutually. With playing commercial films of OLOPS, students from NCNU may fully understand the difference between two educational orientations.

Vice President Sun closed the event with remarks: “It's our honor to invite OLOPS visiting in NCNU. Thanks to the President, faculties of OLOPS and the students, we are looking forward to building a cooperative relationship with OLOPS.”


Student Ambassador Introduce Library

OLOPS group photo in front of Library gate

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OLOPS President with OIA Colleagues