Delegation from Takushoku University and NIT, Tokyo College visited NCNU for substantial research cooperation

Office of International & Cross-Strait Affairs







November 20th, 2019, NCNU OIA welcome Japanese representatives as shown:

  1. Prof. Hitoshi Sasaki, chairperson of the international exchange committee of Faculty of Engineering, Takushoku University. 
  2. Prof. Yi Hsin Ho, Department of Electronics and Computer Systems, Takushoku University. 
  3. Prof. Daisuke Kitakoshi, Department of Computer Science, National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College

    In the morning session, representatives from NCNU side are Vice President Milan Tung-wen Sun, Dean Hugh Pei-xiu Chen (Humanities), Chairmen Shih Sen-wen (CSIE), Chief Chen Lieu-hen (CSIE) and Executive Officer Julianne Lin . Two sides accelerate current faculty level discussion to the upper level of collaboration in various terms. Both sides keep high expectations about future cooperation. VP Sun delivered his greatest welcome to Professor Sasaki and Prof. Ho Yi-hsin (NCNU alumni) to have a longer time opportunity lingering in the beautiful campus of NCNU.

   Dean Tony Yung-Ping Tsai welcomes the delegations of his greatest appreciation about future collaborations and gifted the most welcomed Sun Moon Lake black tea packages to Japanese Professors, Dean Tsai also wished the two sides can bring out fruitful achievements. Dean Hugh Pei-xiu Chen then hosted the luncheon and introduced the local delicacy from puli originated dishes to diversify the difference between Japanese and Taiwanese cuisine. Both department Chairmen of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science joined the luncheon along with professors from various cutting-edge fields in both departments. Prof. Sasaki and Prof. Kitakoshi showed their appreciation for the arrangement. 

   To stimulate more background information for the Japanese professors, NCNU CSIE department arranged a lab tour in the Department of EE and CSIE, altogether with 8 labs and students demonstrate research results and theories. EE chairmen Prof. Pei Jun Lee has introduced the AI dream work field with automation related application as well as robotic and aero technology, CSIE Chairmen Prof. Sen wen Shih has led the delegates to the visual identification image processing, acoustic identification, internet of things, mathematical algorithm and animation processing lab for interesting and knowledgeable discussions. 

    The entire open house for Japanese delegates ended at 18:00 with many memorable memories and future collaborations. NCNU OIA wishes the two sides a great success for substantial exchanges. 

Meeting with VP Sun, Dean Chen, Chairmen Shih in OIA


Meeting with Dean Tony Yung-pin Tsai in College of Science and Technology


Luncheon with NCNU faculties from EE and CS

Lab Tour in the Department of Electrical Engineering


Lab Tour in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering