• Apply Alien Resident Certificate.
  • The required documents for registration:
    • ​The original of the highest-level diploma (to Registration Section)
    • The complete transcript (to Registration Section)
    • The financial statement (to Admission Section)
    • The health examination (to Health Center)
  • Pay the tuition fee and accommodation fee (online download the payment bill)
  • Upload student official photo to the Educational System
  • Choose your courses on the Educational System

▲Caution:Degree Students need to do the health examination before September 30, and there are two hospitals you can own the fee discount in Puli Township. (Puli Christian Hospital Puli Branch, Taichung Veterans General Hospital)

In semester

  • Apply National Health Insurance IC Card

      → application (Come to OIA personally, we help you fill in the form)

  • ​Apply Work Permit

       → application


  • Finish the Departure Procedure

      → Table of Departure (exchange student)

      → Student Dormitory Check-out Form (exchange student)