Student Restaurant

  • We have two floors in our student restaurant.
  • There are lots of restaurants you can choose.
  • Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. We not only offer a variety of choices, but also give you inexpensive price. Like buffet, tea shop, Ramen noodles shop etc.

FamilyMart convenience store

  • There are two shops in NCNU.  (School restaurant &College of Humanities)
  • It’s the most common shop around Taiwan.
  • You can buy almost everything inside it. Basic daily necessities, coffee, food and some kinds of traffic ticket. 

Nantou Bus (Puli-Chi Nan University)

  • Bus Company:南投客運 Nan Tou Bus
  • Route:南投客運市區公車:1路區間車 埔里 – 暨南大學 Puli Chi-Nan University
  • Bus Stops and Routes:
    • Administration Building行政大樓 → Cafeteria餐廳 → College of Science and Technology科院 → Faculty Dormitory學人會館 →
      Chong Cheng中城 → Xia Cheng下城 → Ping Ding坪頂 → Ai-Lan Bridge愛蘭橋 → Qi Xia崎下 → Da-Cheng Elementary School大成國小 →
      Zhongshan Rd. – An 7th St. Intersection (Hakka Restaurant) 中山安七街口(亞卓餐廳) → Veterans Clinic榮民診所 → Puli Brewery埔里酒廠 →
      New Market (Post Office)新市場(大郵局) → Renai Park仁愛公園 → Chunghwa Telcom中華電信 → Puli Main Station埔里總站

  • Ticketing:

    1. Pay cash or Tap your Easy card(悠遊卡)to the card reader when you get on the bus→ Full fare.
    2. Tap your student card (student card need to combine with iPass) when you get on the bus → 40% discount.

    (NCNU student card need to top up in advance)

    1. For whom get on and off in campus without leaving campus →Free ride in campus.

    (When you get on the bus, please show your student card and tell the bus driver you will get off the bus in campus, the bus driver will give you a print ticket, when you get off the bus, please return the ticket to the driver)

  • When boarding and alighting, please tap your tap card ( iPass or easy card )
  • For more details, please visit the General Services Section

Student Club

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