Tsung-Po Tsai

  • Assistant Professor of Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management
  • Research field: 
    • Tourism Psychology
    • Restaurant Management
    • Beverage Management
    • Leisure Management

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This course introduces the basic organization of hotels, as well as the theory and knowledge of operation and management. It is expected that students can have the basic hotel management knowledge and abilities after this course. Through these courses, students will be familiar with the organization responsibilities, daily operations, coordination and supporting systems of different divisions in the hotel. This course will also introduce the current status of the operation and management of major hotels in Taiwan and famous hotels in the world. we will guide students to strengthen their job characteristics, responsibilities and career planning in the hotel industry. The objectives of this course are as follows:

1. Learn professional knowledge of hotel operation management
2. Familiar with the organization and responsibilities of various departments in the hotel industry
3. Understand the current status and development trend of the operation and management of major hotels in China
4. Strengthen the understanding of the job characteristics, responsibilities and career planning of the job market in related industries

Class Hours: Wednesday, 1600 ~ 1900 (GMT+8)

Course schedule (week, topic, activities, evaluation/assignment, text, etc.):
Tentative Course schedule:

  • Week 1: Introduce the class and the way to achievement test
  • Week 2: Introduction to the development of modern hotel industry
  • Week 3: Tourism development requirements and hotel classification
  • Week 4: Hotel organization, authority and establishment
  • Week 5: Personnel Administration and Welfare System
  • Week 6: Room Service, Management and Sales
  • Week 7: Food and Beverage Management and Sales
  • Week 8: Mid-term exam
  • Week 9: Engineering and maintenance in Hotel
  • Week 10: Marketing and PR
  • Week 11: Safety and hygiene
  • Week 12: Purchasing operations
  • Week 13: Accounting and Financial Management
  • Week 14: Entertainment facilities
  • Week 15: Final report
  • Week 16: Final report
  • Week 16+1: Alternative and Self-Learning (No Class)
  • Week 16+2: Alternative and Self-Learning (No Class)