TUNG Ching-Ying

  • Project Assistant Professor
  • Research field: 
    • Specialty industries in Taiwan and Japan

    • Sustainable development

    • Cultural and industrial tourism

    • Internationalization of food and catering industry

    • Japanese multinational enterprise analysis

    • Case study


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This course, in accordance with the national policy, leads students to learn the industrial theory and practical skills of the convention and exhibition industry through classroom teaching, collaborative teaching, curatorial practice, with the basic international convention and exhibition and international conference practice, supplemented by the examination of relevant certificates and permits.
MICE industry includes four industries: Meetings, Incentives, Conventions (large-scale conference), and Exhibitions. Its industrial activities involve conferences, incentive tourism, large-scale activities, and exhibitions of enterprises, government and public associations, therefore developing MICE industry, building up the network of industrial clusters, and nurturing the capability of multiple integration are critical.
A good industrial foundation can assist in establishing the international image of the country or destination. In addition, the benefits of the exhibition industry can not only assist the development of manufacturing or other service industries, but also drive the derivative economic benefits of surrounding industries, such as catering, accommodation and tourism, forming a huge industrial association effect and creating considerable output value and employment population. Thus, well development of MICE industry is conducive to the international marketing of the country or city.

Class hours: Thursday, 1300 ~ 1600 (GMT+8)

Course Schedule (tentative):

  • Week 1: 2/17 Introduction
  • Week 2: 2/24 Knowledge system of MICE industry
  • Week 3: 3/3 MICE—related industries and organizations
  • Week 4: 3/10 Marketing strategy of MICE
  • Week 5: 3/17 Convention
  • Week 6: 3/24 Events for convention
  • Week 7: 3/31 Exhibition
  • Week 8: 4/07 DMO-Destination Marketing Organization
  • Week 9: 4/14 Incentive travel
  • Week 10: 4/21-English for MICE industry
  • Week 11: 4/28- Midterm Exam
  • Week 12: 5/05- Curation – Planning and layout – Basic concepts (Instructor: Dr. YANG Lin)
  • Week 13: 5/12- Curation – Planning and arrangement – advanced practice (Instructor: Dr. YANG Lin), Implementation at National Nature Science Museum
  • Week 14: 5/14 Practice-1: Preparation for Final Report EXHIBITION(I)
  • Week 15: 5/14 Practice-2: Preparation for Final Report EXHIBITION (II)
    Outdoor Goods Exhibition at Taichung International Exhibition Center
  • Week 16: 5/26 Practice-3: preparation for International Conference
  • Week 17: 6/2 Independent learning – Implementation
  • Week 18: 6/10- Final report and Presentation